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Fort Shafter Hui 2023 Scholarship Information


Applications are now open until April 15, 2024! 

The Fort Shafter Hui annually awards merit scholarships in two categories:

Merit Scholarship for Traditional Students

Current High School Seniors or College Students (Graduate or Undergraduate) who have never taken a break from school and are enrolled or have applied for enrollment in a qualifying college, university, or vocational school.


Merit Scholarship for Continuing Education

Spouses or dependent children who have taken a break in their education and are now continuing full- or part-time in a qualifying college, university, or vocational school.


Each category is judged separately; both scholarships apply the same criteria. All application information will be treated in a confidential manner. Applicant’s name and other identifying information will be removed from the application before being reviewed by the selection committee. Questions can be directed to the Fort Shafter Hui President at


  1. Spouses or dependent children of active duty, reserve, retired active-duty military (officer or enlisted) or DOD civilian who will be enrolled in a full or part-time accredited degree program during the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year.

  2. Applicants or their sponsors must reside in or be assigned to Oahu South.

  3. Applicants must complete the requirements for high school graduation before May 31, 2024 and be a member in good standing within their community.

  4. Individuals who will be attending a service academy or who accept any other full scholarship are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

  5. Scholarships are based on scholastic merit and community involvement. Race, sex, national origin, or financial need will not influence the selection.

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